A diversified international company
offering a wide variety of microbial
based products for waste treatment

About Sannitree®


Sannitree® International is a diversified international company offering its customers a wide variety of microbial based products specifically related to waste treatment. It is a research-based company and aims to be the market leader in its chosen field.

Sannitree® International began in South Africa in 1981 when Mike Mayne initiated the idea of providing economical sewage treatment in rural areas, farms and settlement camps. At this early stage he realised the need to treat the sewage with something that would rapidly break it up, but at the same time not harm the environment. Together with Dr DG Celliers, one of the world’s most respected enzymologists, they began testing, analysing and marketing their very first microbial based product, Sannitree® Bio-Enzymes. Mike was then joined by Gordon Bruce (Director, Finance and administration) and Brian Goodman (Director, Marketing & International Development).

Today, the group is represented by subsidiaries or agencies in numerous countries around the world.

Sannitree® International markets more than 15 niche products ranging from powders for septic tanks and grease traps to special enzymes based odour digestors and a powder to destroy the harmful ammonia gas found in pig sty’s.

The Company has achieved a level of business commensurate with its well proven reputation for Quality and Service and maintains and improves an ISO 9000 Quality Management Programme in order to further endorse this position.