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Eliminate restaurant flies the harmless way

We introduce ‘The Silent Assassinator’ BUZZ US!

Restaurant flies cost you money. They cause negative impressions among patrons and affect subliminal perceptions of hygiene standards, often resulting in a vague unease that prevents guests from returning.

Speaking of perceptions, electronic fly zappers that explode flies in front of diners only add to the gross factor.

What is needed is a silent, unobtrusive assassin that eliminates pesky restaurnat flies in a way that makes it seem there was never a fly problem to begin with.

Sannitree have built up fantastic repeat sales through the success of a fly larvacide supplied by Buzz Us! This revolutionary fly treatment lavacide solution is painted onto window and door frames, where it attracts flies before they enter your premises. Flies will die within seconds and can be swept up daily. Over a period of days the fly population will be dramatically reduced.

This easy to use product is now available in a kit form for an economical DIY application, or as a contract service application. Read more about BUZZ US! here

Buzz Us! are the Authorized Agents and Distributors of Sannitree International and the product is aimed at:

  1. 1. Food applications: restaurants, butcheries, fish shops and supermarkets.
  2. 2. Chicken, horse stables and pig farms.
  3. 3. Rubbish tips, sewage plants and solid waste depots.

So successful has the product been that Sannitree have added it to their range of Bio-Enzyme products for septic tanks and pit toilets. In this way effluent waste is broken down without the traditional fly problem.

To find out more about Buzz Us! Fly Treatment, call us now on 021 701 1266 or email

Restaurant grease is as bad as cholestrol for your fat traps and grease traps!

Own a restaurant? Chances are you’ve experienced clogged fat traps, grease traps and drains. Of course this usually happens around 8pm when your tables are full and the kitchen is under maximum pressure. Adding insult to injury, the plumber charges you over-time rates. It’s almost as if you need medical insurance for your plumbing system.

Blocked Fat Trap Before Fat Cracker
Actually, there is a type of insurance available to keep those fat traps free-flowing, and it’s a lot cheaper than medical aid! More and more restaurant owners are opting to prevent expensive blockages by treating their fat traps and drains with Sannitree Fatcracker (available in sachet or liquid form) and Sannitree Free Flo Tablets. This simple treatment works like a heart pill: toss some down the drain and let the enzymes work their magic. Instead of allowing fat, oil and grease to build up in the pipes, it literally eats them away!

Clean Fat Trap After Fat Cracker
This is the key to your whole system working properly, because drains left un-treated will allow grease to coagulate inside pipes in much the same way saturated fats do inside your own artery system. Grease causes additional problems. If you’ve ever pumped your fat trap, you know what I am talking about: lift that manhole and smell the rancid decomposition taking place in the bowels of the tank. We’re talking about a major health risk here. It’s more common than you realise, but it’s easier to prevent than you think.

With a proper maintenance system including regular dosages of Sannitree Fatcracker or Sannitree FreeFlo Tablets, you can shock the heart of your kitchen back to life, meaning you can avoid the expense of a plumber. And what this really means is that you can to return to the most important place in your restaurant: out front with your customers.

For detailed information on this product, call us now on 021 701 1266, or email

Help, my septic tank is blocked up!

If your septic tank is blocked up, keep reading because we can probably save you quite a bit of cash.

A septic system is easy to understand, and once you identify the cause of the blockage you can implement the correct cure. (Using Sannitree Bio-Enzymes will of course reduce the incidents of blockages, but it helps to keep in the know.)

The good news is that there are only three possible reasons for your system clogging up:

1. It’s a simple paper blockage in the septic tank pipe

Firstly, if you are lucky, the pipe system leading to your tank could have a simple paper blockage. Follow the toilet exit pipe as it makes its way to the tank. Lift the first lid of the tank and have a squizz inside (yes, things could get smelly down there, but think of the plumbing costs you are saving). You should be able to see the top of a T-Piece pipe which carries the effluent (that’s a fancy name for poo) into the first compartment of the tank. Is it overflowing? If yes, get a stick and have a poke around inside the T-Piece. If it is a simple blockage it will loosen the paper up and your system will flow again. Alternatively, give it a jet of water from your hosepipe (and don’t throw the stick over your neighbours wall).

2. The tank is full of effluent

If things have not improved then you need to consider the second possibility: your tank is full of sh*t. On average, a tank will need to be pumped every 6 years – even if it is being treated with Sannitree Bio-Enzymes. The reason is that as the effluent is broken down it forms sludge on the bottom of your tank. This sludge cannot be broken down any further and needs to be mechanically removed by a suction truck. Ouch! This will cost a few bucks, but at least you have saved on calling a plumber out to tell you something you can figure out for yourself. To see whether your septic tank needs a pump-out, simply lift the second manhole and peer inside. If you can see bits of paper and poo, then call the pump-out people – those solids belong in the first compartment only.

3. The soakaway has packed up

If no signs of effluent are visible, then it means that your soakaway has packed up, and it can get expensive. Tell-tale signs of a clogged soakaway are a raised water level in the second compartment. Is the water level higher than the exit level of the outlet pipe? If yes, you have a more serious problem because fats and soaps have probably passed right through your system and coagulated in the walls of the soak-pit, forming a waxy cocoon that prevents effluent runoff from percolating away into the soil. Sorry, but you need to call a plumber for this. [NB! Do you live in an area with a high water table? Is it winter? If yes, smile and remember that the grass is always greener over the septic tank- the water will subside with the rains.]

Remember – Prevention beats cure!

To prevent problems from occurring in the first place, we suggest that you dose 100g of Sannitree Bio-Enzymes into your tank each month. If you have a high volume of people passing through your property (perhaps you own a B & B) –then we suggest that you also add 100g of Free Flo Granules. This will attack any fats and soaps that pass into your soakaway.

Need some specialised advice? Email us now on – remember, your poo is our bread and butter!

Clogged up Septic Tank in Pretoria

One newly satisfied Sannitree® customer is Mooiplasie, a self catering establishment in the game reserve of Dinokeng, just north of Pretoria.

The facility is popular amongst families, school and church groups as well as companies for midweek and weekend conferences. Small weddings are also catered for.

All in all, Mooiplasie caters for just over 72 people on a septic tank system, and before they started using Sannitree, they were having overflow problems.

These problems were probably caused by the increased load of people using the system on the weekends.

This is a common occurrence with resorts and even holiday homes: extra people use the septic system and the natural bacteria cannot keep up with the sudden increase in organic waste. The excess waste is not broken down fast enough and a build up occurs, causing the sewage lines to back up, block and overflow.

“Initially we were quite skeptical about the Sannitree Free Flo PillsTM but having administered them according to the instructions, we were amazed that within two months the overflow problem on our main septic tank disappeared completely as well as the unwanted smell and accompanying flies,” said Leon, of Mooiplasie.

“Our general soak away pit area has shown a vast improvement which can only be attributed to the use of Sannitree Free Flow PillsTM. This product can only be recommended.”

Leon is one of many satisfied Sannitree® Customers who have seen our products work for them.

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South Africa’s Oldest Hotel Chooses Sannitree

HOUW HOEK INN is a gracious old hotel dating back to 1779 and situated in the Kogelberg Reserve, 90km from Cape Town. (

All in all they have 50 rooms, sleeping a total of 120 guests per night, plus wedding facilities for up to 220 guests plus conferencing for 120 guests.

What is significant is that the hotel is in a sensitive biosphere and right off the sewage grid. This means that it needs to have all its effluent waste treated before disposal.

To reach the stringent levels set out by the Department of Water Affairs, Houw Hoek Inn approached Sannitree to provide a turnkey waste disposal system that ticked every box on the Departments check list.

Sannitree have installed a Package Plant (systems vary, but can treat up to 20 cubes of waste water per day) which ‘cleans’ water suitable for irrigation purposes.

In addition, they use Sannitree Bio-Enzyme Granules to treat their septic tanks (which lead into the Package Plant) and Oxygentor in the plant itself.

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