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Eliminate restaurant flies the harmless way

We introduce ‘The Silent Assassinator’ BUZZ US!

Restaurant flies cost you money. They cause negative impressions among patrons and affect subliminal perceptions of hygiene standards, often resulting in a vague unease that prevents guests from returning.

Speaking of perceptions, electronic fly zappers that explode flies in front of diners only add to the gross factor.

What is needed is a silent, unobtrusive assassin that eliminates pesky restaurnat flies in a way that makes it seem there was never a fly problem to begin with.

Sannitree have built up fantastic repeat sales through the success of a fly larvacide supplied by Buzz Us! This revolutionary fly treatment lavacide solution is painted onto window and door frames, where it attracts flies before they enter your premises. Flies will die within seconds and can be swept up daily. Over a period of days the fly population will be dramatically reduced.

This easy to use product is now available in a kit form for an economical DIY application, or as a contract service application. Read more about BUZZ US! here

Buzz Us! are the Authorized Agents and Distributors of Sannitree International and the product is aimed at:

  1. 1. Food applications: restaurants, butcheries, fish shops and supermarkets.
  2. 2. Chicken, horse stables and pig farms.
  3. 3. Rubbish tips, sewage plants and solid waste depots.

So successful has the product been that Sannitree have added it to their range of Bio-Enzyme products for septic tanks and pit toilets. In this way effluent waste is broken down without the traditional fly problem.

To find out more about Buzz Us! Fly Treatment, call us now on 021 701 1266 or email