Sannigro is used for the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Oxygen Demand in OPEN effluent and water systems.

It works by digesting effluent material before it can become anaerobic, thereby successfully reducing BOD/COD levels. Suspended solids in effluent create the oxygen demand. When the undigested suspended solids are released into a natural watercourse (such as rivers and dams) they will deplete the oxygen supply and destroy the natural growth of animal life and vegetation.

Technical Information

Phosphate and phenol free brown powder. Highly concentrated but safe for human skin contact.


Non-pathogenic micro-organisms: Aerobic – billions of organisms necessary for digestion in the presence of air (3 billion aerobes per gram) Enzymes: It contains several enzymes which break down and solubilise waste materials providing the food necessary for rapid bacterial Growth and multiplication.

pH Stabilisers: pH factor: 4,5 – 9,5

Temperature range: 10 – 80ºC

Inactivated by: Heavy metals, cyanide, fluorides, phenols

Application Conditions

The active ingredients in Sannigro Granules are dissolvable in water.

Inactivated by: Heavy metals, cyanide, fluorides, phenols.


Please read the data sheet on the Sannitree® Bio-Reactor. This is a specialised application and comprehensive details on the prospective setup should be forwarded to Sannitree® Head Office for analysis and a suggested application.

Toxicological Information

Non-toxic, non-pathogenic, safe for humans, animals and plants.


1kg bucket

25 kg bulk pack


12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place

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