Free Flo Fat Trap TabletsTM

Sannitree® FreeFlo Tablets for fat in kitchen drains

Free Flo™ Tablets are dramatically effective for breaking up fat found inside kitchen drains and outflow pipes. They are so concentrated that one tablet will last between 7 – 10 days, depending on the size of the fat trap.

Free Flo™ Fat Trap Tablets are biodegradable and are beneficial for septic tanks and sewage disposal systems. They do not contribute to the pollution of water and they contain no phenols or phosphates

But don’t take our word for it…
“... We were amazed that within two months the overflow problem on our main septic tank disappeared completely as well as the unwanted smell and accompanying flies. Our general soak away pit area has shown a vast improvement which can only be attributed to the use of Sannitree® Free Flow Tablets. This product can only be recommended.” Read more
Leon, Mooiplasie, Pretoria


1. It is advisable to double the dosage for the initial application. Thereafter add the tablets every 7 – 10 days to area closest to outlet of trap.

2. Scoop the trap before adding the tablets. Bigger traps (1000L >) should be pumped. Always begin with a clean trap.

3. Place the tablet in the middle of the trap. Do not place them too close to the inlet pipe.


– Distributors (minimum): Carton containing 24 tubes

– Each tube contains 8 tablets

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