Tank PongTM


Many of us are doing all we can to save rainwater with greywater tanks but you may not have anticipated just how smelly your greywater can become after just a few days of storage. If this is putting you off using the water in your garden, try Tank Pong™.

This simple enzymatic solution makes ponging tank water fresh-smelling and safe to use in your garden again!

100% environment and water friendly.

Directions for Use

Apply Tank Pong™ after the pump has completed its cycle into the left-over residue. Dosage is dependent on the capacity of the tank as well as the volume of effluent flowing through the unit. We recommend 100mls per 100 litres. Thereafter, increase or reduce quantities until the odour is gone.

Technical Information

A clear liquid, free of phosphates and phenols. Contains amylases, proteases, lipases & perfume.


1 Litre Bottle


12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

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