FreeFlowing Urinal ValveTM


The Sannitree® Waterless FreeFlowing Urinal Valve completely eliminates the need for water and the sewer costs normally incurred by conventional urinals.

It features an airtight seal to keep toilets completely odourless without wasting water in the urinal. Using the one-way valve water-free urinal system will ensure that your water usage and maintenance cost are radically reduced.

The Sannitree® Freeflowing Waterless Urinal Valve is patented (No. 2010/08157) and ISO certified.


Take a look at what customers have to say:

The 1st FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve units lasted up to 4 years without the need to change them! Read more
GARTH RICHARDS, Owner, Graphic Laminates

To our surprise, and following feedback from our cleaner, we found that there were indeed no odours from the urinal and subsequently elected to alter the remaining four as well. Read more
G. Moretti, coca-cola

They are PERFECT! No more smell!! I never got used to that blue seal chemical odor that comes with the Waterless brand urinals. Always the chemical or chemical and urine smell. Now there's just NO smell. They are wonderful and we couldn't be happier! Read more
Kory, Arizona State University

We have installed a total of 80 waterless urinals in the garden, restaurants and offices over the past 15 years, with great success. We use a one way valve locally made by Sannitree (021 701 1266 or 082 377 7104). Read more
PHILIP LE ROUX, Curator, Kirstenbosch Gardens

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